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What is an account administrator?

The account administrator is typically the school (or public library) librarian. Special privileges are provided to the account administrator and can be accessed by using the unique admin username and password. Find more instruction on the Basic Instructions – Administrative User document.

What privileges does an account administrator have?

An account administrator can download usage statistics, add or change usernames and passwords, and update other account information. When logging in, an account administrator will see a link in the top bar that says “Manage My Account.” Clicking on that link will lead to these admin options.

Can I change or add usernames and passwords in my account?

Yes! Log in using your admin username and password, click on Manage My Account and then scroll down to User Accounts. Here you can edit enter new users, change existing users or remove users. There is no limit to the number of secondary/student users added to an account.

How can I get usage statistics for my account?

First, log on using the account administrator username and password. Then click on Manage My Account. Scroll down to Activity Report. Put dates in the Date Start and Date End fields, and then click on Run Report.

What information is included in the usage reports?

The usage reports include the number of visits for a title by each user within the account (i.e. administrator vs. student logins). Please note that we cannot capture the number of pages turned within each book by user.

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