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With Big Timber Media, publishers can support a new revenue stream through already existing channels with no upfront costs or overhead.
Our services include:

File Conversion

No eBooks? No problem! Big Timber Media can convert your print files to hosted eBooks that are formatted specifically for student use.

Hosting and Fulfillment

Big Timber Media reduces your overhead by hosting your digital files on our platform and fulfilling your digital orders all at no upfront cost to you.

Streamlined Delivery

There is no proprietary software or exclusive contracts. Big Timber Media can deliver your content directly to your customers, direct reps, and customer service team.

Customized Display

We can add your site’s branding to your clients’ subscription pages to maintain a consistent user experience.

Technical Support

We offer personalized subscription management and technical support for publishers and clients, including support for QR code programs. We will also help your sales representatives and customers access their account and troubleshoot issues.

Interested in learning more? Go to our Help Center or Contact Us!

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