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What features are offered in the Big Timber Media hosted eBooks?

Our eBooks have many features to enhance a user’s reading experience. Please note that the activated features in each eBook vary by publisher.

  • Table of Contents: Most of our eBooks include an interactive table of contents. By clicking on each link, you will be taken to that page.
  • Bookmark: Users can “bookmark” eBook pages with short notes. To do so, navigate to the page you want to bookmark, and then click on the bookmark icon in the lower left hand corner of the page. Type your short note in to the space provided and click “Add.” These bookmarks are saved as “cookies” on the computer the book is opened on, so the bookmarks do not stay with the book; they will only be visible if the book is opened on the same computer. To remove the bookmark, click on the bookmark icon, locate the page in the bookmark list and click the delete button.
  • Thumbnails: Every eBook includes a thumbnail view of each two page spread in the book. Clicking on a thumbnail image will take users to the corresponding pages.
  • Fullscreen: Every eBook includes the option to view the page at full screen. Click on the full screen icon located in the navigation bar. To return to the regular view, click the Esc button on your keyboard.
  • Search: Our eBooks are searchable by keyword. At the top of the eBook window, you will find a search bar. After you enter your search term and hit the Enter/Return key, the search results will appear along the left hand side of the eBook screen. Users can click on each result to go to the correlating page. The search term will be highlighted on the page.
  • Page Navigation: The arrow icons in the lower right hand corner of the page allow users to navigate through the eBook page by page or jump from the front of the eBook to the back. The arrows at the left and right of the book pages also allow navigation from page to page. Users can also “grab” a page corner with their mouse and pull it across their screen, thereby “turning” the page. Additionally, at the top of the eBook window, there is a box with the page count. Users can manually type a page number into this box and hit enter to go directly to that page.
  • Select Text: This feature allows the user to copy sections of text from within the eBook and paste it to a doc outside of the eBook. Click the Select Text icon in the navigation bar, highlight the text you want to copy and click the “copy” button.
  • Print: Click the Print icon in the navigation bar and then select Print All Pages, Print Current Page or Print Range (enter page range).
  • Annotation: The Annotation feature provides the user with a number of options for adding annotations to the eBook. Click on the Annotation icon in the navigation bar and a menu of annotation options pops up. The user can then add a note to a page (note icon is added to the page and includes a date and time stamp), manually write something directly on a page, add a square or circle, manually erase any annotation or just hit the “clear” button.
  • Auto Flip: The pages in an eBook can be set to auto flip. Click the Auto Flip icon on the navigation bar to turn on feature, click it again to turn off feature.
  • Zoom: Users can zoom in and out on any page in an eBook. Click the Zoom icon on the navigation bar to zoom in, click it again to zoom out. Zooming can also be done by double-clicking directly on the eBook page.

Do the eBooks hosted on Big Timber Media include audio?

The eBooks do not include voice over audio or music, but they do have a page-flipping sound when turning the pages of a book.

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