About Big Timber Media

Big Timber Media was created to support publishers and distributors in providing their eBooks to school-age readers. We have brought together the best educational and entertaining books for readers in grades K-12.

Our focus on eBooks gives us the flexibility to get educational products into the hands of young people quickly. EBook versions are available for many of your favorite print books, allowing popular titles in your library inventory to get to more readers, more often. Most books are available on multiple formats to accommodate your library’s management system (site-licensed subscriptions, pdf downloads, etc). We offer personalized subscription management and technical support for publishers and clients. We also share monthly usage statistics on individual titles.

Big Timber Media is at the forefront of developing technologies. Our industry is changing quickly every day. As a result, we rely on you, our customers, to help lead the way. Have an opinion to share? Or perhaps you just want to ask us a question. Regardless, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.